Code of conduct


Good behaviour is important at St. Aidan’s – and parents and carers have an important part to play. A happy school is one where children are confident and respect the rights of others. They must be able to work and play safely, and we expect them to follow our behaviour policy and golden rules. For more information, see our. Find the detailed Positive Behaviour & Punctuality policy in the policies section.

St. Aidan’s golden rules

  1. We come to school every day on time.
  2. We work hard and try our best every day.
  3. We wear our school uniform with pride every day.
  4. We are polite to adults and to our peers. We do not swear.
  5. We are honest and do not cover up the truth.
  6. We respect and value each other’s cultures, religions, race, gender, appearance and opinions.
  7. We are a healthy eating school: we do not bring sweets or fizzy drinks to school.
  8. We look after the school building and the things in it.
  9. We enjoy our playtime: we do not play fight.
  10. We are a ‘no put-down’ zone: we are an anti-bullying school.

Home-school agreement

All parents and children are expected to sign the home-school agreement. We want every child to succeed. We believe that a close partnership between home and school is essential in providing children with the best possible education and chances in life. The Home-school agreement is one aspect of this partnership. It enables parents, carers, staff and pupils at St. Aidan’s to make a clear commitment to work together.

The agreement makes it clear what is expected of the children, their parents and carers and staff at the school so that pupils will be able to work hard, achieve and be successful at St. Aidan’s and parents will be able to take an active part in their child’s learning.

Find the detailed home school agreement policy in the policies section.