Food at school


We promote the message that there are no ‘bad’ foods, but that some foods are only eaten sometimes. Our children cook and work with food in the Science, D.T and PSHEE curriculum. Good hygiene is always stressed and reinforced in these sessions.

The current food menu can be found here:
Autumn term 1 menu 2019

Healthy eating Initiatives

St Aidan’s promotes healthy eating attitudes through the following initiatives:

a. Fruit and vegetable scheme (primary)

We give KS1 and Foundation stage children fruit and vegetables daily, at the morning break, through the Government’s fruit and vegetable scheme. Fruit for KS2 children is provided by the PSA

b. Eating environment

We have painted our hall to make it a welcoming eating environment and displays are prevalent that affirm good manners, positive social interaction and encourage healthy eating choices.

c. Water provision

Sufficient hydration is essential for effective learning. Staff encourage pupils to bring a water bottle to school every day and to drink water regularly throughout the day. There is a water dispenser in the staff room and two drinking fountains in the playground.

d. Packed lunches

The lunch time team monitor the content of packed lunches and relay any concerns about inappropriate food to staff and parents.

e. Enrichment

Cookery takes place on a weekly basis as part of our KS2 Enrichment programme. Many classes cook at other times during the year and demonstrate good food safety practice.

School meals

School lunch for all those who want it is made daily, using fresh ingredients, in our kitchen. There is always a choice of either a meat or vegetarian meal. The menu changes daily, on a two week rolling schedule. This is published at the beginning of term in Headlines and on the website. There is a salad and fruit bar from which children can serve themselves.

St Aidan’s and our kitchen team are committed to providing alternative food for pupils with medically proven food allergies. Parents or carers must inform the school about any such allergies in writing, providing evidence, eg. a letter from their GP or hospital.

Dinner money must be paid in advance, either weekly or half-termly; payments should be made via the SchoolMoney system.

Free school meals are available for children whose parents are on income support or job seekers allowance. Information and application forms can be obtained from the school secretary who will treat every case in confidence and will be happy to help with the application if required. We strongly urge every eligible family to take up this entitlement even if their children have packed lunches. Children may bring packed lunches in closed containers marked with their names. Drinks other than water, sweets or chocolates are not allowed and healthy options are encouraged. Two weeks notice must be given when changing from school meals to packed lunches and vice versa.


During the morning break the children are supervised by a minimum of two adults, one of whom will be a teacher. An additional member of staff is on duty to offer first aid. Unless it is exceptionally cold or raining, the children will be outside during break time. Lunchtime supervision is managed by midday supervisors.