Look at some of the work that our classes have produced over the last couple of years


We learnt songs about the weather and also drew pictures that represent hot and cold. See our pictures or listen to our songs.

The three little pigs

We listened to the story and then acted it out. Watch our film.

Doing it on our own

In Nursery, we have to do lots of things for ourselves. We put on our coats; we recognise our name tags; we wash our hands; we label our drinks. See our film.



We looked at all forms of transport, drawing everything from boats to bicycles. See our pictures.

We are learning to read

See how clever we are at sounding out our words in our film.

Shrove Tuesday (pancake day)

Watch us mix batter and enjoy a shared feast.

Year 1

The natural world

We explored what we need to do in order to protect our world. See theposter designs that we produced.

Year 2

Why does popcorn pop?

Join Aurora, Milky Way, Atom and Cell as they investigate the big question – why does popcorn pop?

Do you know what makes you happy?

What makes us laugh, when are we most content, what don’t we like? We ask lots of questions to help us understand.

Year 3

French café

We have great fun learning French. Visit Café Vert.

Learning through song

Sing along with our French song.

The bomb sites of Stroud Green

Let us guide you, in our short film, around some of the bomb sites of Stroud Green.

Year 4

Poetry readings

We explored how to use descriptive language to create images in poetry. Listen to some of the fantastic poems about weather that were written by children in Blue Class, accompanied by artwork inspired by these poems.

Trip to the Tower of London

Find out what we got up to as we discovered more about the Tudors on our class trip to the Tower of London.

Maths cartoon strip

Need help with your maths? Watch and listen as the grid method for multiplication is explained by those clever year 4 pupils (and a rather silly builder!)

Year 5

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Indigo class studied the Iron Man by Ted Hughes as part of a project based on a work by a significant author. See the restaurant menus we made or watch an interview about the Iron Man model.

Street child by Berlie Doherty

As a whole class we read Street Child by Berlie Doherty. Watch our short films in which we read the text out loud. You can also eavesdrop on our conversations about Street Child

The Ragged School Museum – a class trip

Follow our day trip to discover what life was really like for Victorian school children. See our photo story and relive the fun. See more…

‘We are not amused’ assembly

Historical playlet and music hall antics. See more…

Assembly – The Taming of the Shrew

Watch highlights from our performance

Year 6

We are all serious bookworms. View our films to find out the book that switched us on to reading, hear more about our reading habits and why we think reading matters, and lastly, what we are reading next.

In our spring assembly, our performance was a combination of dance, drama and mime. See the photos or watch the review film.

We explored aspects of fashion design including: choosing materials and creating sample costumes. See our designs.

The St. Aidan’s school choir – Christmas Crackers

Oh Christmas tree

[audio: 1.mp3]

I’m a little Christmas cracker

[audio: 2.mp3]

Bleak midwinter

[audio: 3.mp3]

Christmas chopsticks

[audio: 4.mp3]

Ding dong merrily on high

[audio: 5.mp3]