Book reviews

April 2009

Born to Run by Micheal Morpurgo

For readers age 9+


"There was something inside the bag, squeaking and squealing in terror. Patrick didn’t think about it. He leaped into the canal"

This is only the start of the wonderful book, ‘Born to Run’, by Micheal Morpurgo, about the many lives of one incredible dog.

I read this book because I like books that have animals in them. I knew this book would be great because all of Micheal Morpurgo’s books are excellent.

The story begins when a boy, Patrick, finds a greyhound in a sack in a canal. Patrick names the puppy ‘Bestmate’, and they do become best friends, until one day, Bestmate gets kidnapped. He is stolen because he is fast at running.

Best mate now becomes ‘Brighteyes’, the racing dog. He loves the racing part of his life but not his new owner Craig. Craig races dogs but cares nothing for them. His step-daughter, Becky is kind and protective. One day Becky and Brighteyes decide to run away. Sadly the escape doesn’t work out and Becky is found by her mum. They have to give Brighteyes away to a man called Joe and Joe renames him ‘Paddywack’ and so the next part of his life begins… but it doesn’t quite end there.

Amelia, age 10

My Secret Diary by Jacquline Wilson

This Book Tells you first hand about life as a teenager in the 1960’s.The First chapter starts of explaining about Jacqulines diary and as you get into the book you find out what the fasion was like then and also her first real romance. My secret Diary is a mixture of Jacquline Wilsons Diary entrys and her own Words now.

I would highly recommened this book to kids aged 10-13 and for younger kids the book Jacky Daydream from her younger years!

Inka, age 11

The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket

For readers age 9+

"Printed in the flowery script, on the back page of the brochure Mr.Poe had given them, were the letters V.F.D."

This is the start of an exciting and pitiful book by Lemony Snicket called: The Vile Village in which three orphans face again their enemy Count Olaf.

I read this book because I have enjoyed the others in series and couldn’t wait to see what happened next!

When Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire go to their new home in the village of V.F.D, life doesn’t seem so great. They are forced to do lots of peoples chores and can’t break any of the many rules that the Council of Elders have put in place.

Mysterious couplets also start to appear and the three orphans begin to think their friends are sending them. But then they are accused of murdering a man thought to be Count Olaf, put in jail and sentenced to death.

Can they escape from the horrible prison?

Will they ever find their kidnapped friends?

And will they stop the real Count Olaf before being burnt to death? The book contains the answers…

William, age 10

Man vs Beast

"Quit your job at the animal lab or next time you die. By order of The animal freedom Militia"

Said the spray-painted garage door.

Cherub investigates: what is the animal freedom militia? What does Christine have in relation to them? And much more…

Cherub is a secret branch of the British intelligence that uses highly trained kids to infilltrate illegal organisations. It has one advantage kids can act innocent.

Man vs Beast is a 300 page book which I chose because Iiked the previous books and I enjoy reading Robert Muchamore.

The book is about animal cruelty in labs and putting an end to animal extremist groups through Cherub agents.

The main character is James Adams, teamed up with his sister Lauren and his friend Kyle Blueman. It is set in the countryside near Makenak research, a labratory.

I think the book touches a vital point of animal rights. I would recommend it to 10-16 year olds.

Eddie, Year 5