Art is an exciting part of the curriculum at St Aidan’s. Our dynamic displays are an immediate indication that Art is valued in our school and acts to stimulate interest and set high expectations. Children are encouraged to explore art using a range of mediums and practice developing their drawing, painting, 3D and observational skills through out the foundation and primary years.

Children have the opportunity to visit galleries and museums to support their learning and enrich their experience. We are fortunate to have several parents who are involved in the arts and who are very supportive of the curriculum, frequently lending their expertise to the classroom!

We support sustainability in our school and are keen to use recycled materials whenever possible. We are members of the Scrap Project, where many inspiring and high quality materials are available to us for a small annual subscription.

Children study the lives and works of many artists and draw their inspiration from various cultures around the world. From Claude Monet to Aboriginal dot painting, from Chinese ink drawings to Jackson Pollock, by the time children leave St Aidan’s in Year 6 we hope they will have experienced a rich and varied introduction to Art.