At St Aidan’s, we strive to teach a rigorous and engaging Computing curriculum. There are four strands to our curriculum:

  • Basic computing skills
  • Programming and logical reasoning
  • E-safety
  • Digital literacy.

Each term, all year groups receive a weekly 90 minute lesson in programming computers. We use a range of age-appropriate tools and languages, including:  BEEBOTs, Logo, Kodu, Scratch and Python. We are also working with children to explore programming on the Raspberry Pi. We have a resident professional programmer to deliver these lessons. The depth of the tuition reflects our commitment to equipping children with skills for the future.  As part of this strand we also teach children about how technology works in the wider world.

Each week, children receive one lesson dedicated to the development of basic skills in computing – skills such as touch typing and creating a range of documents for different purposes.

Every term, we explore as a whole school e-safety issues that are either topical or pertinent. Our e-safety curriculum is ever-evolving as the issues themselves change, but our focus is on being responsive and ensuring that children know how to conduct themselves safely and responsibly when using all forms of technology.

In addition to national requirements, class teachers also undertake one multimedia project per term, using media tools and equipment to combine moving image or sound and enabling children to explore creating content for a purpose.  As part of this strand we focus on collaborative team work and creativity.

The children’s achievements in programming are celebrated in termly sharing assemblies. E- safety issues are regularly communicated to parents. Each year group has Computing Champions who assist the class teacher in technical matters.

At St Aidan’s we are excited about the creative potential of technology and this enthusiasm is shared by the children.