Mathematics is taught at St Aidan’s every day. The curriculum covers the following areas of mathematics:

  • Using and applying mathematics
  • Counting and understanding numbers
  • Knowing and using number facts
  • Calculating
  • Understanding shape
  • Measuring
  • Handling data

Our planning and teaching of mathematics builds on the following principles:

1. Development of a secure understanding of the building blocks of numeracy:

  • place value;
  • confident recall of basic number facts and how to apply them;
  • an understanding of the relative size and position of number.

2. Interactive whole class teaching with clear teacher exposition and modeling, both to introduce new concepts at the start of the lesson and to assess and consolidate what the children have learnt in plenary sessions;

3. A strong emphasis on developing mathematical discussion, using correct mathematical vocabulary, to develop children’s depth of understanding, reasoning skills and ability to apply their knowledge;

4. New topics and concepts are introduced by clearly linking them to existing knowledge and understanding;

5. Plentiful uses of resources ( including Numicon, Cuisinaire, money, straws, dice, number lines and 100 squares) to assist in developing mathematical understanding and the move from the concrete to the symbolic;

6. An emphasis on using and applying mathematics through problem solving with opportunities for shared thinking and developing ideas collaboratively;

7. The use of ‘good mistakes’ as a powerful teaching tool;

8. A high priority is set on the learning of times tables, with an aim that children know them all by heart at the end of Year 4;

9. Maths games particularly as starter activities, to rehearse key facts and to engender a love of maths!

10. A working wall to support the current class learning;

11. Encouragment of the application of mathematics skills through the Connected Curriculum.

Support programmes are available for pupils who require additional support in developing and applying the building blocks of numeracy. Identified Gifted and Talented children benefit from differentiated work within their classrooms and a weekly ‘maths challenge club’.