Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE)


PSHEE is a fun, exciting and essential element to all of the teaching and learning that takes place at St. Aidan’s. This important and thought provoking subject is at the core of enhancing personal development and well-being and establishing a safe learning environment for all children. We believe this enables them to learn more effectively.

In this complex and challenging world, PSHEE lessons aim to support children by helping them to:

  • live safe,healthy and enjoyable lives;
  • grow and develop, not only as individuals, but also as members of families and society in general;
  • become fulfilled, productive and responsible;
  • form and maintain good relationships;
  • make a positive difference to their own lives and the lives of others;
  • clarify their own values and attitudes and gain knowledge and understanding of those of other people;
  • build their personal identities and self esteem;
  • reflect on what is being taught;
  • communicate constructively at all times.

PSHEE makes a significant contribution to achieving the Government’s ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda. All teachers regularly teach an aspect of PSHEE in their classes. Many lessons are structured around the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) programme, which is a framework that supports PSHEE. The whole school follows the same theme each term, but lessons are differentiated to suit the year group’s needs. Each theme starts and ends with a whole school assembly. Lessons are exciting and enjoyable with active and engaging tasks to do. Many children in our school think of these lessons as the ‘feelings’ lesson and they enjoy discussing matters of great interest to them.

In the Foundation Stage, PSHEE is called Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Caring for themselves and others is key to what children are taught daily. In KS1 and KS2, PSHEE is timetabled once a week but is also taught through other areas of the curriculum. The issues covered in the teaching of PSHEE are crucial to children’s opportunities to address real life and topical issues including:

  • well being and emotional health;
  • physical activity;
  • food and nutrition;
  • disability;
  • puberty;
  • sex and relationships;
  • drug education;
  • fire and road safety;
  • careers and personal finance;
  • caring for the environment.

Children share what they have learnt with each other, through displays and, often, during their class assemblies.

Things we have learned and achieved through our PSHE lessons include:

  • children at St Aidan’s are confident and clear when expressing their feelings;
  • children at St Aidan’s know of different ways to calm down and to solve some of their problems;
  • our yearly Healthy Schools Week has helped to embed our healthy ethos and we have been awarded the Healthy School mark by the LA;
  • our sustainability work led us to grow our own tomatoes and apples last year and use our tomatoes in a school meal.

Visits we have arranged through PSHE include:

  • visits to our local recycling centre to learn more about helping our environment;
  • visits to the National Gallery to look at food, feelings and expression in art.
  • linking with local secondary schools to participate in physical activities;
  • visits to our school by people from the community, such as dieticians, the police and the fire brigade.

Children like the variety in what they learn and the methods we use to deliver PSHEE. They see it as a caring subject which recognises them as individuals. We know that PSHEE will continue to be an important part of all learning that takes place at our school.