Religious education (RE)


The staff and children who make up our school community have origins in many different nationalities, cultures and faith groups. As a school we therefore aim to celebrate and reflect this diversity in our Religious Education (RE) lessons.

The concept of religion is introduced to children in the Foundation Stage where they use their imagination and curiosity to develop their appreciation and wonder of nature and the world in which they live. In KS1 and KS2 the children explore a variety of religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. Children are taught about religions in terms of the important people associated with them and the special books, stories and symbolism that surrounds them. They learn about different religious festivals including Advent, Ramadan, Diwali, Nirvana and Hanukka.

In delivering RE lessons, teachers use stories, videos and interactive activities to really bring the subject alive. Children can have the virtual experience of visiting a Buddhist temple or sharing in the celebration of Eid. We also use art to help introduce children to different religious symbolism.

It is a requirement of the National Curriculum that the content of the RE teaching is weighted towards Christianity and this is reflected in our lessons. As a Church of England school, we celebrate Christian events such as Easter, Christmas and Harvest Festival and, as part of their RE lessons, each class in the school is taken on visits to explore one of our local parish churches. There are also opportunities to visit our local Synagogue and Mosque.