Year 4


In Year 4, children learn how to

  • Partition 4-digit numbers
  • Round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100
  • Use mental and written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Solve measure problems using cm, mm, m, km
  • Identify and sort 2-D and 3-D shapes
  • Recognise equivalent decimals and fractions in shapes and quantities
  • Read the time to the nearest minute on analogue and digital time
  • Show results using tables, Venn and Carroll diagrams

We use:

  • Abacus and Cambridge maths text books as well as online resources to deliver our maths curriculum
  • We liaise with our Inclusion Manager to provide 1-1 maths support for children needing additional support
  • Children are expected to learn their times tables up to 10 x 10


Children continue to develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through a range of genres and using a range of resources, including the following:


The children use:

  • Haydn Richards text books
  • Nelson English
  • Password English
  • Comprehension Success
  • Sets of age appropriate texts (guided reading)
  • Rigby Navigator (guided reading)

We run a Reading for Meaning group as an intervention for children who need reading comprehension support

Reading volunteers support children who need additional reading practise


The children use:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Information texts
  • Explanatory texts
  • Poetry
  • Stories from other cultures
  • Stories with historical settings
  • Stories set in imaginary worlds

They are taught to:

  • Use paragraphs
  • Use nouns, pronouns, suffixes, prefixes, apostrophes, adverbials, speech marks
  • Check their work

Speaking & Listening

Children regularly participate in drama activities and present their writing in class and to a wider audience during assemblies.

The use of good listening skills are demonstrated and practised daily.

Religious Education

In Year 4 the children focus on Christianity and Buddhism:


  • Children learn about the importance of pilgrimage and the parables of Jesus.  They continue to learn about the meaning of Christian festivals as they occur during the school year


  • Children learn the symbols connected with Buddhism, the impact of the Buddhist faith on the lives of believers and the significance of suffering

Physical Education


  • Children learn to work together, responding appropriately to pieces of music and creating dance sequences


  • The skills of good team work are taught as children play net/wall games (basketball)


  • Balance, control and coordination skills are developed during gymnastics lessons


Our Science topics are Electricity, the Human Body and Plants and Animal Adaptation:


  • Children learn how to make and label a circuit.  They reflect on the dangers of electricity

The Human Body

  • Understanding the importance of skeletons and the function of muscles are areas children learn

Plants and Animal Adaptation

  • Children learn how plants and animals adapt over time and the importance of habitats


The Environment

Children learn about the environment by:

  • Becoming proactive citizens and making positive changes to their environment are skills children continue to develop in Year 4.
  • Understanding the importance of The Nile and rivers on peoples’ way of life
  • Making their own island with its own unique landscape


Children learn about

  • Egypt, its rulers, belief system and the importance of life after death
  • The Tudors, Henry VIII’s wives and the establishment of The Church of England


Children learn:

  • Data Handling and how to present their information efficiently
  • Film animation and how to use storyboards to plan a sequence of events
  • Sound recording and how to combine audio and visual clips
  • Scratch as a simple method of programming


Children are encouraged to become active citizens in the school community.  As well as participating in the school gardens and visiting the local library, they learn:

  • How to make and maintain friends
  • Road safety
  • The risks associated with alcohol and tobacco
  • How to set their own learning goals


Our art topics include these areas:

  • Textiles (sewing handkerchiefs and shoes)
  • Painting
  • Line drawings

Design & Technology

  • Children create objects using a circuit
  • Children make an island

Educational Visit

Our visits are tailored to suit our curriculum connectors.  Year 4 have visited these places to enrich their learning:

  • The British Museum
  • The National Portrait Gallery
  • Holy Innocents Church
  • Stroud Green Library

Modern Foreign Languages (by Carolyn )