Year 1

Year 1 class photo

Orange class is also called Year 1. It is the only class in our school for five to six year old children. We are now in KS1.

In the autumn term while the weather is still warm we have three mini breaks during the morning and one in the afternoon as we were used to moving around a lot in Nursery and Reception. Unfortunately we don’t have any outside space in Year 1 that just belongs to us. During these mini breaks we use the big playground and have small apparatus to play with eg. balls, skipping ropes, quoits, hoops.

We learn how to record our work on paper and we can see how well we do throughout the year by comparing our work each term. We learn how to read more fluently and write word and number sentences.

We are always making great things so our class is always bright and colourful. To help make our classroom work well we create our own Ground Rules. We think of what we need to help us learn.

In Orange class we read every day and our teacher gives us word cards with words on them to take home to learn. When a word card has 10 ticks on then we know the word and can throw it away. We enjoy doing this. We normally have English and Maths lessons every day. Three of the English lessons are RML lessons. RML is a reading and writing synthetic phonic programme. We enjoy these because it helps us to read and write independently. We are usually in three smaller groups to have our RML lessons and get more help and attention from the adults.

During the week we also have Science, P.E, topic time, Music, Art, PSHEE, and RE. The adults in our class always get us to think and talk about what we have learnt. We also share our thoughts through our school council representatives and our Green Team members. Every day is a learning adventure!

In the autumn Term we learn about Ourselves and Sound and Hearing, where we live, how different artists painted portraits and paint our own, make a picture with a moving part and taste different fruit and vegetables.

In the spring Term we look at Light and Dark; Growth – where we grow beans and see chicks hatch out of eggs.

Then in the summer term we go to the park so that we can look at pushes and pulls on the equipment there.

We also have a sports day when all the school go to the Sports track and have fun doing different kinds of activities.

If we can’t find a friend at playtimes we have specially trained children to help us out.

We have a cake sale once a year and we can spend the money on things we want to. Last year’s class went to the theatre.

We go on different trips to fit in with our topics.

Information for parents

Download the curriculum booklet (PDF file) for the first half of the spring term.