Year 2

Year 2

Yellow class is the only class in our school for six to seven year old children.

We are a very special class because we are the top Infants and are trusted to help more people in our school. We always try to set a good example for the other infant children.

We are always making great things so our class is always bright, colourful and filled with fun. We have a covered area outside our classroom and sometimes we like to do some of our learning out there. To help make our classroom work well, we all have monitor jobs and we create our own Ground Rules.

In Yellow class, we always read every day. We normally have English and Maths lessons every day and during the week we have Science, P.E, topic time, Music, Art, PSHEE, and RE. The adults in our class always get us to think and talk about what we have learnt. We also share our thoughts through our school council representatives and our Green Team members.

Every day is a learning adventure! In the autumn term we learn about The Great Fire of London, Remembrance Day, Mexico, Electricity and Health and Growth.

In the spring term we get to make our own vehicles and learn about Materials and Forces. Then, just before we go into the Juniors, in the summer term we learn more about plants and nature in art, Mary Seacole and what it can be like living on an island. We also make our own hand puppets.

We go on trips every term to places like the Museum of London, our local Recycle centre, the National Gallery and the park.

Perhaps one day you will come and visit us.

Information for parents

The next Yellow class cake sale will be on 27th May 2011.

Download the curriculum booklet (PDF file) for the first half of the spring term.

See the video of our most recent assembly: