Year 4

Welcome to Blue class!

Year 4 class

Blue class is the second class in the juniors with children aged between eight and nine. This is a very special class because a lot of important learning that will be needed in Indigo and Purple classes takes place this year. For this reason we try to work very hard and always do our best.

We learn in lots of different ways: on our own, in a group, through discussions, using games, by conducting experiments and by looking in books!

Everyone in Blue class has a great contribution to make and together we have a lot of skills. Blue class also has an important role to play in the school council where we take suggestions from pupils about how St Aidan’s can be improved.

We enjoy studying lots of exciting topics throughout the year, including The Egyptians, The Tudors, Electricity, Solids and Liquids, Habitats, and Moving and Growing. In English and Maths we learn lots of new skills and try to get even better at the skills we have already learnt! We also take part in the Instrumental Music Programme which is a fantastic opportunity for every child in Blue class to learn an instrument.

We hope you enjoy looking at our webpage.

Information for parents

Download the curriculum booklet (PDF file) for the first half of the spring term.